Project to Enhance Research Literacy (PERL)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I develop an Evidence Informed Practice (EIP) program/curriculum? Several key publications outline the benefits of integrating Evidence and enhancing research literacy in patient care. (Key Reference List)

Who is this resource best suited for? This resource is based on the development of EIP programs at academic centers and is best suited for educators.

How do I use this resource? Each tab is designed to allow entry at different points in the program development process. For example, if you need to gain and gauge support from your institution start with the gaining support page, if you are looking for ways to assess your current programs start with the evaluating and assessing outcomes tab.

Where do I start? To gain a general overview and definitions, choose the getting started page. From here you can browse the links or listen to the group discussion with representatives from seven grantee institutions as they discuss lessons learned from successful EIP programs. (EIP Definition and Theory)

What are some ways to gain administration support?

Where can I find information on faculty training?

Where can I find examples of course curriculum?

Syllabi for Faculty

Syllabi for Students

Where can I find examples of materials for my classroom?

Course Materials for Faculty

Course Materials for Students

Where can I find information to enhance my resource center or library?

What are some ways to evaluate my EIP program?

What are some outcomes from the NCCIH (formerly NCCAM) R25 programs?

How have others incorporated EIP into the clinic setting?

Are there any CE or on-line training programs?

Continuing Education

Faculty Development

Where can I get additional background information and/or documentation? This link will direct you toward a key reference list with a variety of documentation collected from each institution. (Key Reference List)

Where can I locate publications from the NCCIH, Integrative Health Practitioner Research Education Project Grant Partnership projects?