Project to Enhance Research Literacy (PERL) - Developing Programs

Syllabi for Faculty 

The following are several examples of course outlines that have been employed during faculty training programs. 

National College of Natural Medicine
The National College of Natural Medicine has created several short courses on EBM for the development of the Vanguard Faculty. This link provides links to 8 different sections of the course. Some of the downloadable materials included in each section include goals, presentation handouts, worksheets and relevant literature used in the courses.

Research Scholars I and Research Scholars II
These documents (provided courtesy of Northwestern Health Sciences University) describe a faculty EIP courses at NWHSU. Course objectives and schedule are also included.

NW-ResearchScholars I Syllabus.pdf

NW-ResearchScholars II Syllabus.pdf

A Train the Trainer Model for Integrating Evidence-Based Medicine into a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Training Program (2011)
This publication provides an overview of the developmental process for a faculty training course entitled "Principles of EBM for CAM Professionals" at the National College of Natural Medicine. Learning objectives for the course and course schedule are included in Table 1 (pg. 89) and Table 2 (pg. 90).

Research scholars program: a faculty development initiative at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. (2008)
This publication describes the process of faculty development at OCOM through a program entitled "Research Scholars Program". Table 1 (pg. 439) provides objectives of the program and Table 2 (pg. 439) gives the topics discussed at each training session.

Basic Clinical Research Methods Graduate Certificate
List of the required courses to obtain a graduate certificate from University of Washington School of Public Health (Document provided courtesy of Bastyr University). This collaborative effort provided an incentive for faculty participating in the Research Training Program, a research mentor program between the two institutions.

How to Write & Publish Case Reports & Case Series
This course is an elective at Bastyr University available to both faculty and students (document provided courtesy of Bastyr University). A complete outline, schedule and reading list is included.