Project to Enhance Research Literacy (PERL) - Achieving Competency in Evidence Informed Practice: A Resource Guide for Educators

User's Guide

This resource guide provides a general overview and highlights educational resources for each of the seven sub-competencies that comprise the ACIH Competency 5- Evidence Based Health Care and Evidence Informed Practice. Consistent with the Competencies for Optimal Practice in Integrated Environments, each sub-competency is labeled EP1-EP7 as an abbreviation for Evidence Based Health Care and Evidence Informed Practice.

EP1. Explain the role of in healthcare in the context of practitioner experience and patient preferences.

EP2. Describe common methodologies within the context of both clinical and mechanistic research, focusing on an assessment of your own field.

EP3. Discuss contemporary issues in integrative practice research, including those relative to evaluating whole practices, whole systems, disciplines, patient-centered approaches and health outcomes.

EP4. Analyze the research base within one's own discipline including the positive and negative interactions, indications and contraindications for one's own modalities and agents.

EP5. Apply fundamental skills in research evaluation.

EP6. Demonstrate evidence informed decision-making in clinical care.

EP7. Discuss the value of evidence informed risk management planning and risk management behavior.

For each sub-competency, the following is provided:

Overview of the sub-competency that provides insight to the purpose as well as a general overall goal.

Learning Objectives- These are provided as a suggested starting point. Depending on the nature of your course or program you may choose to include only one or all.

Resources- This is a suggested list of resources for both course instruction as well as professional enrichment. It includes a variety of books, classroom materials, video clips, and on-line learning modules. Most are freely available except where noted. The list is not exhaustive, rather it is presented as a starting point for exploration. Depending on the nature of your course or program, you might only utilize one of the resources or find others that resonate with you personally or professionally. The list is limited to journal articles that provide free full text access. Please direct questions to

Classroom Activity- This is one example of a possible activity that could be incorporated into a current course or any additional EIP coursework in development.

Vignette- Vignettes included within this resource are designed to show the sub-competency in an applied situation to enhance understanding for both the instructor and the student. They are inspired by the format of the Association of American Medical Colleges Entrustable Professional Activities ( Specifically the 2014 AAMC Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency Faculty and Learners Guide.