National Academy of Medicine Health and Medicine Division (HMD, previously known as the IOM – the Institute of Medicine)  Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education


Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health (ACIH, formerly known as ACCAHC) continued in 2018 in its seventh year as a member of the Global Forum. There are almost 60 national health professional organizations that are members of this project and ACIH is the only organization representing the integrative health and medicine disciplines. Virtually all healthcare professions in the US and many globally are members of this Forum. We have been attending these meetings since the Global Forum’s inception and making a significant impact in educating the members about the ACIH disciplines as well as actively participating in the meetings, workshops, reports, break-out groups and addressing the entire Global Forum. We share our publications with all the Global Forum members and this information has been very well-received. We also focus on the importance of prevention, health and well-being. The ACIH involvement in this most important project with the National Academy of Medicine has been made possible 2012-2018 through a generous investment from a foundation that wishes to remain anonymous. Our goals are threefold: 

  • Represent ACIH and our disciplines to educate the other health professions at the Global Forum;

  • Educate ACIH members to topics prioritized by other health profession educational leaders; and

  • Advocate for creating a health professional workforce that focuses more on prevention, health professional self-care, and on health and well-being.

ACIH's core team is ACIH's Global Forum member, Elizabeth A. Goldblatt, PhD, MPH/HA, former Acting ACIH Executive Director, and her alternate, David O’Bryon, JD, CAE, current ACIH Board Chair. The work of the Goldblatt-O’Bryon team is supported by the members of the ACIH HMD Global Forum Advisory and Dissemination Task Force, listed below. Members of the Task Force were meet annually to advise the team. All members of the public are invited to the Workshops.

  • Karen Bobak, DC, EdD, Dean of Chiropractic, NYCC; ACIH Board

  • Joe Brimhall, DC, President, UWS; Past ACIH Board/Exec

  • Justine Clegg, MS, LM, CPM, President, Association for Midwifery Educators

  • Stan Dawson, DC, CNMT, Board Member, AFMTE; ACIH Board

  • Nick DeGroot, ND, Dean of Naturopathic Medicine, CCNM

  • Sharon DeJoy, PhD, MPH, CPH, CPM, Association of Midwifery Educators

  • Elizabeth Goldblatt, PhD, MPA/HA, ACIH Executive Director (Task Force Co-Chair)

  • Stacy Gomes, EdD, VP, PCOM; Board, CCAOM; ACIH Board

  • Melanie Henriksen, ND, LAc, CNM, Dean of Naturopathic Medicine, NCNM

  • Dawn Hogue, MA, CMT, Chair, COMTA; ACIH EWG

  • Will Morris, PhD, LAc, DAOM, President Emeritus, AOMA

  • Beth Pimentel, ND, MUIH, Former ACIH Board

  • Robb Russell, DC, Centers of Excellence, Southern California University

  • Lynn Thames, MSOM, MA, Past Dean, Florida College of Integrative Medicine

  • John Weeks, ACIH Consultant (Task Force Co-Chair)

  • Mike Wiles, DC, MEd, ACIH EWG

Institute of Medicine Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education Accomplishments and Future Work

BACKGROUND: Establishment of the Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education (the Forum) in January, 2012 was inspired by two significant reports with major implications for the education of health professionals around the world. The first was an independent Lancet Commission led by Julio Frenk and Lincoln Chen titled Health Professionals for a New Century: Transforming Education to Strengthen Health Systems in an Interdependent World. The other was the HMD’s joint effort with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that produced: The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. Both of these reports provide a high level vision for the health professions but leave it to educators to identify, through a process of continuous learning and innovation, relevant best practices and mechanisms for scaling-up proven, improved approaches to integrated health professional education.

The Forum: The Forum’s mission is to apply an ongoing, multinational, multidisciplinary approach to illuminate promising innovations for achieving reforms in the instructional and institutional spheres. Members come together twice a year to network with other members and to attend a Forum-sponsored event (workshop or open meeting). The topic of the event is selected by the members themselves and is planned by a committee that represents the interests of the wider Forum membership. Written summaries and relevant outputs from each activity are available in hard copy and in PDF, and can be downloaded free of charge from the Forum website,

Membership: The Forum currently has 58 appointed members who are academic experts and health professionals representing 19 different disciplines from 8 countries. It is currently co-chaired by Malcolm Cox, former Chief Academic Affiliations Officer for the Department of Veterans Affairs and Susan Scrimshaw, President of The Sage Colleges. There are presently 45 sponsors of the Forum that provide the financial support to run the activities of the Forum.

Collaborations: Informal collaborations have been established with the Uganda National Academy of Sciences and with Stellenbosch University in association with the newly formed Innovation Collaborative on Learning through Community Engagement; and with the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education at the University of Minnesota.

For more information on the Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education and a complete listing of the Global Forum Publications, please click here