Project to Enhance Research Literacy (PERL) - Developing Programs

Resource Center and Library Support 

Library and resourse support is critical to the success of EIP implementation. Below are several links to resource information and librarian professional development. 

EIP in the Curriculum: Integrated Role of Librarians at UWS
This presentation reviews how the library staff from the University of Western States has contributed to EIP instruction at UWS.  This includes an overview of the correlation between information literacy and EIP, librarian classroom integration, and faculty development assistance.

Integrating Evidence-Informed Practice (EIP) Skills into a Case-Based Medical School Curriculum
This presentation by Bastyr University library staff reviews the implementation for their Information Literacy EIP Program.  This includes mapping EIP skills to the curriculum, skills assessments, integration into coursework and the classroom as well as the development of EIP LibGuides and course assignments.

Update on an Integrated EBM Instructional Model for First and Second Year Medical Students  
This follow up presentation by Bastyr University library staff reviews how EIP components have changed since initial implementation of their Information Literacy EIP Program  (presentation above) including discussion of program improvements, lessons learned, evolution of assessment tools, and data from the first full assent cycle.   

Collaboration in White Spaces: Librarians as Leaders in Evidence-Based Practice at CAM Institutions (2013)
This publication outlines the crucial collaborative leadership role of the librarian at three of the grantee institutions. Included are details of program implementation, methods to expand library resources and increase faculty confidence in research.

Keeping up with Clinical Research: The Plan This library guide, created by Bastyr University library staff, outlines seven strategies for keeping current with the research literature.   

Push Services is a short presentation, from the University of Western States library staff, on strategies to stay up-to-date with the literature via push services .

Overview of Evidence Informed Practice from Bastyr University library staff includes an introduction to EIP concepts as well as tips for choosing resources and searching databases. 

EBM Librarian is a Google site created by librarians from Duke University and Dartmouth College. The site contains a wealth of information to support librarians in EIP development.

Supporting Clinical Care: An Institute in Evidence-Based Practice for Medical Librarians is an intensive 3-day course, designed to enhance EBP skills for Librarians.

National University of Health Sciences posted several video tutorials on conducting literature searches via PubMed, EBSCO Host and Natural Standard (Under the Tutorials tab).

National University of Health Sciences posted two full slide presentations on the "Cost of Keeping Current", as well as "Accessing the Biomedical Literature for the Best Evidence".

Palmer College of Chiropractic webpage on Accessing the Scientific Literature includes top resources for the chiropractic profession as well as links for various search engines and push services .

The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine website provides various online resources pertaining to Oriental Medicine.

The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine library offers a number of health information literacy tutorials as well as links to the National Library of Medicine tutorials and free continuing education events.

Georgetown University has created an online Library Guide for Evidence Based Medicine. The guide includes an overview of EBM, resource books and journals.

Student and Faculty ToolsThe Massage Therapy Foundation provides a set of resources including key publications, case reports, and various other massage related resources.