Project to Enhance Research Literacy (PERL) - Developing Programs

Course Materials for Faculty 

Several examples of course materials and presentations are outlined below to assist in the EIP development process. 

National University of Natural Medicine created several short courses on EBM for the development of the Vanguard Faculty. This link provides links to 8 different sections of the course. Some of the downloadable materials included in each section include goals, presentation handouts, worksheets and relevant literature used in the courses.

National University of Health Sciences website
This link will take you to the resource page. This site provides numerous free and downloadable documents useful for coursework and presentations. The learning tab will provide links to documents pertaining to EBP study guides and course outlines, presentations and search engine guides. The Using tab has links to documents pertaining to literature searching, EBP worksheets and templates, grading rubric and handouts.

Classroom Worksheets
These documents (provided courtesy of Northwestern Health Sciences University) provide a resource to anyone who wishes to critically appraise a research study or presenter, in an effort to determine relevance and validity.

Review forms
These documents (provided courtesy of the University of Western States) provide tools to summarize the EBP process and assess the validity and quality of differing study designs.

Guide to making the EBP sandwich
This document (provided courtesy of the University of Western States) reviews how to effectively summarize and communicate the salient points of a study.

National University of Health Sciences posted two full slide presentations on the "Cost of Keeping Current", as well as "Accessing the Biomedical Literature for the Best Evidence".

The Great Evidence Based Practice Debate
This video (provided courtesy of The University of Western States) is a fun approach to addressing disagreements often voiced during discussion of EIP. Challenges from various stakeholder viewpoints are included.

Critically Appraised Topic (CAT)
This video (provided courtesy of The University of Western States) details the process of infusing EIP into the broader curricula outside of dedicated EIP courses. Instructional tips, assessment strategies and rationale to incorporate EIP are discussed.

The University of Western States created EIP "CAT guide", short for Critically Appraised Topics. This walks the student through the critical appraisal process. The CAT prep document provides a step-by-step guide to prepare a presentation of a CAT to your peers complete with a grading rubric.

Blinding, A Video Presentation
This video (provided courtesy of The University of Western States) is a fun approach to examine the concepts of patient, doctor, and other personnel, that can be blinded during a clinical study. The importance of blinding, concerns pertinent to Integrative practitioners, and points to review when assessing a study are presented.

Concealed Allocation, A Video Presentation
This video (provided courtesy of The University of Western States) offers a fun approach to demonstrating the concept and various methods of concealment.

Student and Faculty Tools
The Massage Therapy Foundation provides a set of resources including key publications, case reports, and various other
massage related resources.