Project to Enhance Research Literacy (PERL) - Transferring Knowledge from Classroom to Clinic


Several examples of tools useful in integrating EIP into the clinic are outlined below. 

Diagnostic Test Critical Review Form
This is a quick evaluation form to help determine the clinical applicability of a diagnostic test. (provided courtesy of the University of Western States).

Clinical Questions
This document (provided courtesy of Bastyr University) poses several practical clinical questions based on actual cases from the clinic. It is sent weekly by the EIP resident, to both faculty and students in the clinic, and provides a quick and easy way to teach EIP and provide useful clinical information.

Clinician use of databases
This document (provided courtesy of The University of Western States) is a quick questionnaire to gauge clinician resource utilization.

Clinical Course Content
Checklist for incorporation of EIP in an instructive clinical setting. (Survey provided via courtesy of Bastyr University).

Clinical Intern Interaction Survey
This survey (provided courtesy of the University of Western States) can be used to gauge clinical intern involvement in EIP.

Using EIP to Inform Your Treatment Plan
This document (provided courtesy of Northwestern Health Sciences University) provides a worksheet and grading rubric for EIP skills applicable to patient care.

Classroom Worksheets
These documents (provided courtesy of Northwestern Health Sciences University) provide a resource to anyone who wishes to critically appraise a research study or presenter, in an effort to determine relevance and validity.

Expert Evaluation

Treatment Articles

Qualitative Research

Summary Research

National University of Health Sciences website
Journal clubs provide a method to discuss research applicable to the clinical setting. NUHS provides free downloadable presentations and documentation detailing the process of starting a journal club as well as several examples. Information can be found under the Apply heading.

Implementing an evidence based journal club in a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) university
This pulication (available through the National University of Health Sciences website) details the process of implmenting a pioneering journal club applicable to integrative professions. Included are ideas to overcome student resistance and technolgy requirements to make a successful program.

Guide to making the EBP sandwich
This document (provided courtesy of the University of Western States) reviews how to effectively summarize and communicate the salient points of a study for clinical use.