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Enhance Patient Experience 

This section explores how the integrative professions enhance or impact patient experience and is arranged by different categories of reports as listed below. 

Peer-Reviewed, Published Studies with Patient Self-Reports

Third Party Instruments from Health System and Employers

Reports and Papers from Integrative Organizations and Institutions

Other Useful Papers and Studies

Starting Place

A great starting place for background information on patient experience is to begin with the study below that highlights the meaningful outcomes reported by patients who participated in clinical trials of integrative therapies.

Unanticipated Benefits of CAM therapies for back pain
An exploration of patient experiences. The authors concluded: "Positive outcome themes included increased options and hope, increased ability to relax, positive changes in emotional states, increased body awareness, changes in thinking that increased the ability to cope with back pain, increased sense of well-being, improvement in physical conditions unrelated to back pain, increased energy, increased patient activation, and dramatic improvements in health or well-being. The first five of these themes were mentioned for all of the CAM treatments, while others tended to be more treatment specific. A small fraction of these effects were considered life transforming."

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