Project to Enhance Research Literacy (PERL) - Competency in Evidence Informed Practice for Integrative Health Professions

What does Competency in Evidence Informed Practice Mean to Me?

This webinar took place: Tuesday, October 27th, 2015. The archived webinar can be viewed below. Presentation Slides can be downloaded here

Webinar Details: 
Why is it important for integrative health professionals to be competent in Evidence Informed Practice? During this webinar you will hear from those who have been on the forefront in interprofessional environments, and how they have successfully utilized the principles of EIP to drive change. 

Participants will be able to:

  • Explain the relevance of EIP in patient/client care
  • Define Evidence Informed Practice
  • Explain the importance of EIP and research literacy in integrative healthcare


  • Regina Cobb, MSW, LCMT, Associate Professor of the Therapeutic Massage Program, Community College of Rhode Island.
  • Kathy Taromina, MS, L.Ac., Program Manager, Center for Comprehensive Wellness Integrative Therapies Program, Columbia University Medical Center
  • Liza Dion, BCTMB, Instructor of Medicine, Integrative Medicine Program

This was the first webinar in a three part series. Information on the full series can be found here

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