Project to Enhance Research Literacy (PERL) - Gaining Support and Momentum

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Getting commitment from the students is key to the success of an EIP program. Below are several examples and ideas to approach this topic.

Evidence Informed Practice as the Catalyst for Culture Change in CAM (2012)
This publication presents design concepts, analysis, and outcomes, surrounding implementation of the EIP program at Northwestern Health Sciences University. Several methods to gain broad institutional support are presented.

Ways of Knowing: Integrating Research Into CAM Education and Holism Into Conventional Health Professional Education (2008)
This publication discusses results from focus group discussions on EIP attitudes both for faculty and students at Northwestern Health Sciences University. Similarities and differences are noted.

Research Education for Students
This webpage provides an overview of the student EIP programs and courses available at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Creating an "Evidence Based" Curriculum
This presentation (provided courtesy of Northwestern Health Sciences University) was delivered during a faculty development day to generate interest in EIP. Included are definitions, benefits, misconceptions and barriers to implementation. Survey data on faculty and student attitudes is also presented.

The Importance of Research Literacy
This collaborative webinar between the Massage Therapy Foundation and the NCBTMB, introduces the concepts of EIP, research literacy, and highlights several reasons for the inclusion of research and research literacy.

The Ethical Implications of Research and Education in the Massage Therapy Profession (2010)
This publication addresses common reasons research may be overlooked in clinical decision-making and examines the role of research in ethical practice.