Project to Enhance Research Literacy (PERL) - Transferring Knowledge from Classroom to Clinic

Mentoring Programs 

One approach to gain an understanding of EIP is to watch others practice it. Below are examples of EIP mentoring programs. 

Basic Clinical Research Methods Graduate Certificate
List of the required courses to obtain a graduate certificate from the University of Washington School of Public Health (Document provided courtesy of Bastyr University). This collaborative effort provided an incentive for faculty participating in the Research Training Program, a research mentor program between the two institutions.

Building Bridges: Qualitative Assessment of a Clinical Faculty Exchange between a Naturopathic and an Allopathic Medical Training Program (2011)
This publication outlines a faculty exchange program between Bastyr University and the University of Washington School of Medicine. Discusses benefits of the program and how this enhanced inter-disciplinary collaboration, as well as increased clinical application of EIP.

National University of Health Sciences website
This page describes a student mentor program between NUHS and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Research Honors Program
This is offered at Palmer College of Chiropractic to help students gain a deeper understanding of research. This link will take you to their website.

Development of a Student-Mentored Research Program Between a Complementary & Alternative Medicine University & a Traditional, Research-Intensive University (2014).
This publication outlines the formation process, and results, from a collaborative research mentorship between NUHS and the University of Illinois at Chicago. It also details some unexpected benefits of collaboration, including an increase of NUHS research mentors.