Project to Enhance Research Literacy (PERL) - Gaining Support and Momentum

Development of Champions  

Developing champions for the EIP process will accelerate implementation. Several ideas and formal training programs to facilitate development are presented below. Please also refer to the Faculty Development page under the Developing Programs section.

Northwestern Health Sciences University
Development of champions from within begins at the core of the mission and vision of the institution. An example of this can be found in the Mission and Vision of NWHSU.

Collaboration in White Spaces: Librarians as Leaders in Evidence-Based Practice at CAM Institutions (2013)
This publication outlines the crucial collaborative leadership role of the librarian at three of the R25 institutions.

Faculty Development Initiatives to Advance Research Literacy and Evidence-Based Practice at CAM Academic Institutions (2014)
This publication reviews faculty development in EIP at nine CAM institutions. Included are; strategies to engage and train faculty, the role that faculty champions play, formats to deliver instruction, along with examples from each institution.

Development of a Student-Mentored Research Program Between a Complementary & Alternative Medicine University & a Traditional, Research-Intensive University (2014)
This publication outlines the formation process, and results, from a collaborative research mentorship between NUHS and the University of Illinois at Chicago. It also details some unexpected benefits of collaboration, including an increase of NUHS research mentors.

Training the mentors

The following sites (provided courtesy of Northwestern Health Sciences University) provide additional curricula on training mentors, a key component of champion development.

Process of Integrating Evidence for CIH Educators is a three day workshop is designed to provide complementary and integrative health (CIH) educators training in the principles, practice and teaching of Evidence-Informed Practice (EIP).

The Evidence Based Clinical Practice training program at McMaster University is considered a premier training program in EBCP.

The Oxford University Centre for Evidence Based Medicine offers a wide range of EBM courses, workshops, and advanced continuing educational degrees. Online coursework is also offered.

The Rocky Mountain Workshop on How to Practice Evidence-Based Health Care, is an intensive 5 day training course on EBHC sponsored by the Colorado School of Public Health.

Teaching and Leading EBM: A workshop for Educators and Champions of Evidence-Based Medicine is a 4-day workshop on EBM sponsored by Duke University Division of General Internal Medicine.