Jennifer Olejownik, PhD, MS

Project Manager, Project for Integrative Health and the Triple Aim (PIHTA) - Center for Optimal Integration, ACIH


Jennifer Olejownik, PhD, MS, BA is currently the Project Manager for the Project for Integrative Health and the Triple Aim at the Center for Optimal Integration. Her research on the paradigmatic tensions of opposing healing systems as told through the lens of the integrative provider naturally led to an alliance with ACIH to continue advocacy work for the Integrative professions.

Prior to receiving her doctorate, Jennifer taught yoga for special populations and later launched the Convent-Prison Project in 2010 to understand the somatic processes belonging to individuals residing in these unique settings. A cultural chameleon of sorts, Jennifer has experience in all phases of qualitative and quantitative research design, sampling and implementation, and has provided research support to number of agencies from various disciplines including Agriculture, Business, Ecology, Education, Information Science, Public Health and Soil Science. Above and beyond her consulting efforts, Jennifer has experience with local and community non-profit organizations, and has served as a Board Member for the Wellness Forum, the Columbus Youth Guild, and most recently, the All Life Center for Integrative Well-Being.