2017-2018 Corporate Supporters

    We are deeply grateful to the ACIH Corporate/Business Supporters. This group of individuals, businesses and vendors and other entities have each committed to a minimum donation of $3,000 and support our mission and vision as well as our various disciplines. We share the vision of the importance of collaborative, team-based patient/person centered care that is inclusive of the ACIH disciplines.

    Crane Herb Company

    In 2018, Crane Herb Company once again gave $5,000 in sponsorship for the ACIH annual Board of Directors' retreat in Baltimore, Maryland. At the end of 2017, Crane donated $18,000 toward a joint project ACIH is collaborating on with the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health developing a course for our disciplines on working within interprofessional environments. Previously, Crane committed to funding ACIH with $5,000 per year from 2014-2016. As of now, Crane has supported ACIH with a total of $43,000! Crane Herb Company is a custom herbal pharmacy and distributor and is dedicated to empowering Chinese herb practitioners in their lives as healers and offers only those products that meet rigorous standards of testing and clinical effectiveness. Crane Custom Pharmacies is the only Chinese herb company to meet the rigorous standards of all industrialized nations and is the only that compound herb formulas which comply with the FDA GMP standards, FDA Labeling Requirements, and HIPAA. A long-time friend of the Collaborative, Crane Herb owner, Bill Egloff, provided sponsorship for the 2016 annual Board of Directors meeting.  The Collaborative thanks Bill Egloff and Crane Herb Company for choosing to partner with ACIH and supporting our vision and goals.


    Books of Discovery

    Books of Discovery made a pledge to ACIH for $500 per year from 2016 through 2018. We greatly appreciate Books of Discovery and their support for our mission!


    Past Corporate Supporters

    American Acupuncture Council 

    The American Acupuncture Council (AAC) offers one of the most comprehensive professional liability insurance programs in the acupuncture profession. An established leader in professional liability, in 1972, the East-Coast division of AAC wrote the nation’s first acupuncture professional liability insurance policy. The face, and spirit, behind AAC is Marilyn Allen. Well-known for her advocacy and support of integrated health, she serves as director of marketing for the American Acupuncture Council. A big thank you to Marilyn Allen for sponsoring the reception at the 2016 annual Board of Directors meeting and for pledging $3,000 of general support for ACIH for 2016. Marilyn is a long-time supporter and friend of the Collaborative. 

    Visual Outcomes

    In 2018, Visual Outcomes gave $800 in support of our annual board retreat in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2016, they provided $5,000 to support of the Project for Integrative Health and the Triple AIM (PIHTA): Visual Outcomes also sponsored an ACIH interdisciplinary conference in 2013, allowing us to host over 100 people for a two-day meeting focusing on leadership. In total, Visual Outcomes has donated nearly $16,000. Visual Outcomes brings a combined 90 years of experience across government and private health agencies, secured database management and healthcare practice and patient management. The Visual Outcomes team includes healthcare managers, doctors, financial experts, media and health coach communicators and well qualified IT developers. The Visual Outcome’s team has a deep understanding of the needs of patients, practitioners and their support staff. A special thanks to the Visual Outcomes founders Sue-Ellen McKelvey, PhD, and Peter Bunting for their work in IPE/CP. 

    Mountain Peak Nutritionals

    Mountain Peak Nutritionals® (MPN) was founded in 1996 by Dr. Jim Massey ND with the intention of creating a unique, comprehensive line of formulas which address specific health conditions. Karen and Jim Massey, ND committed $3,000 in general funding to ACIH over 2014-2016. We thank the Masseys for their generosity!

    Altavista Natural Medicine

    Altavista, a naturopathic clinic in Mercedita Ponce, Puerto Rico, is headed by Rebecca Sauser, ND who generously pledged $3,000 over 2014-2016 in support of our Center for Optimal Integration projects. We are grateful to Dr. Sauser for seeing the value in these projects and in ACIH's mission.