Associate Members

Benefits of Associate Membership

By choosing to become an Associate Member, an organization or individual receives the following benefits:

  • Receipt of ACIH’s quarterly Collaborator newsletter;

  • Receipt of ACIH resources and other materials;

  • Opportunity to provide input into ACIH’s projects and activities at our annual meeting in December;

  • Notice of emerging developments in the fields;

  • Opportunity to post and receive news of the Associate Member’s educational events or developments publicized through the Collaborator and ACIH’s social media;

  • Knowledge that you are a member of a highly effective and internationally recognized interprofessional educational organization that has a strong national voice and is advancing the values of our disciplines in integrative health, medicine and whole person health;

  • Investment in a highly effective national organization in integrative health and medicine; and

  • A tax write-off (within the limits of applicable federal law)!

Associate Members

The Associate Membership category is for the many organizations, businesses and individuals aligned with ACIH’s whole person, health-focused, inclusive values and wish to invest in ACIH’s mission and vision. This membership category was created for the supporters of ACIH. 


The annual amount for an individual Associate Member is $75 and can go as high as any associate would like! The annual amount for an organizational Associate Member is $250.00. Apply for membership by clicking the link below!

Current ACIH Associate Members include:

Lifetime Associate/Supporting Members

Lucy Gonda

Ruth Westreich


Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine 


Carolyn Tague


American Dance Therapy Association

American Massage Therapy Association

Association Québécoise des Thérapeutes Naturels

Aurora Health Care

Society for Oncology Massage

UCLArts and Healing


Alyssa Wostrel


Stanley Dawson

Tara DeMarco

Elizabeth Goldblatt

Dale Healey

Cheryl Johnson

Bill Meeker

Marybeth Missenda

Cynthia Price

John Weeks


Claudia Citkovitz

Christine Green

Ann Blair Kennedy

Daniel Lappin

Brenda Loew

Diane Mastnardo

Elizabeth Nugent

Emily Sablosky

Susan Salvo

Kory Ward-Cook

Marybeth Weinstock

Kimberly Whittle 

Michael Wiles

Thank you for investing in ACIH as an Associate Member!
We are stronger together