Abigail Aiyepola, ND

Secretary, Midwifery Education and Accreditation Council
Associate Dean, School of Naturopathic Medicine, Maryland University of Integrative Health


Abigail Aiyepola serves as the Associate Dean of MUIH’s School of Naturopathic Medicine. Her experience within the realm of higher education is quite unique in its interdisciplinary nature and spans both the naturopathic and midwifery professions.  Dr. Abigail earned her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and Certificate of Midwifery from Bastyr University, after which she completed three years of post-graduate naturopathic residency, with a specialty focus on integrative women’s health; she has since worked to build a career and clinical practice specializing in integrative gynecology, fertility and preconception care.  Dr. Abigail has experience teaching in a variety of capacities, including as teaching assistant, resident physician, adjunct faculty, core faculty, and as a presenter at several professional conferences. She has served as didactic and clinical faculty in both naturopathic medical and midwifery programs, educating both students and patients alike on the spectrum of women’s health topics.  Her interdisciplinary approach to the educational and clinical care of women is informed by her collaborative approach to working with educators and providers from diverse professional backgrounds. 
Dr. Abigail also has experiences she has honed through service on numerous boards, committees and task forces, as well as her passion for promoting excellence in higher education through high quality educational standards, and for increasing access, diversity, integrity, equity and professionalism within the naturopathic and midwifery professions.  She currently serves on the executive boards of the Midwifery Education and Accreditation Council, the accrediting agency for direct entry midwifery schools, and the International Center for Traditional Childbearing, the national organization focused on equity in the midwifery profession.  In addition to these executive leadership roles, Dr. Abigail is also the co-chair of the Midwifery Clinical Training Task Force, dedicated to establishing standards of practice within midwifery clinical education; and serves on the Steering Committee and the Equity Task Force of the US MERA (Midwifery Education, Regulation and Association) collaboration, representing eight national midwifery organizations.
Dr. Abigail is the proud owner of Omolayo™, a virtual platform dedicated to educating and empowering women about their bodies and their health.   Her passion for the global empowerment of women and children is a common thread in all she does.